Vision Care Plan Act 

 The Vision Care Plan Act of 2015, Act 959, a law that the Arkansas Optometric Association fought for to help against unfair vision plan contracts regarding non-covered services. The law enforces the following four points:

  1. Insurance company cannot require optometrists to give a discount on materials or services that they (insurers) aren’t reimbursing
  2. Health Plans cannot require providers to participate in specific vision care plans in order to participate in their medical plan
  3. Optometrists can choose the sources of suppliers of services or materials and labs of their choice
  4. Gives insurance commissioner authority to enforce provisions in this bill along with state’s insurance laws

This new law applies to new, renewed, or recredentialed contracts.  You can take the initiative to make sure that your new contracts have these provisions in place and are following the law.  You are still under contractual agreement with any stipulations in place if you have not renegotiated your contract.  If you have questions regarding this law, please email the Third Party Center at [email protected].  

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