Spring Convention 2021 OD  Schedule 

A total of 20 hours of continuing education is available for optometric physicians.   

Attendees click here for links to lectures and handouts.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 (2 HOURS)
6-6:45pm Membership Meeting
7-9pm Clinical Quandaries Fighting the Fear Factor by Paul Ajamian, OD This course will seek to increase confidence in handling tough anterior segment cases without fear or reservation, based on experiences gained in a co-management center over a 40-year timeframe COPE ID: 71346-AS (2 hours)
Thursday, May 13, 2021 (4 HOURS)

Education provided by UAMS (order TBD)
*Note: education will go from 5-7pm & 7-9pm and credit will be given in 2 hour increments
-- ARMD, or Is It? by Sami Uwaydat, MD
-- Cornea Cases from the Trenches by David Warner, MD
-- Specialty Lens Co-management from the Trenches by Katie Brown, OD
-- Childhood Nystagmus by Paul Phillips, MD
-- Pediatric Posterior Segment Anomalies by Hannah Holtorf, OD, FAAO
-- The BIG indications for MIGS by Carina Sanvicente, MD

Friday, May 14, 2021 (6 HOURS)
12pm-1:40pm Out with the Hackneyed and in with the Neveau-eyed Looking at New Eye care Treatment and Diagnosis by Marc Bloomenstein O.DThis course will give an overview of some of the hottest treatment options for some of the oldest problems that plague our profession. This course will draw a contrast from some antiquated optometric therapies and diagnosis to that of the modern approach specifically looking at what the future holds. COPE ID: 71211-GO (2 hours)
1:50pm- 3:30pm Corneal Dystrophies and Degenerations An ODs Guide by Marc Bloomenstein O.D. This lecture is dedicated to the cornea. That transparent, thin piece of tissue that can make things so clear and at the same time so distorted. Physicians will see and hear about conditions that are both congenital and acquired. The lecture concludes with an all important recap of the lecture material, via a quiz its multiple choice. COPE ID: 68735-AS (2 hours)
3:40pm -4:30pm Tales from the Lane, Cases that Make You Say "Wut?" by Marc Bloomenstein O.D. This course uses examples of common and not so common diagnosis that ODs may encounter on a daily basis. Optometrists will be able to feel comfortable diagnosing and differentiating anterior and posterior segment anomalies. COPE ID: 70680-AS (1 hour)
4:40pm-5:40pm Arkansas Jurisprudence by the Arkansas State Board of Optometry
Saturday, May 15, 2021 (6 HOURS)
8am-9:40am Lasers, Lumps, Bumps and More by Chris Wroten, OD Ophthalmic lasers and their clinical application for the optometric physician are discussed, including instrument settings, surgical considerations, and expected outcomes.  Commonly encountered lid pathologies are also reviewed, including characteristics, differential diagnoses, and options for surgical intervention. COPE ID: PENDING (2 hours) *This course counts as 2 required hours for Arkansas AP Credentialed Optometric Physicians
9:50am - 10:40am The New Frontier of Optometric Aesthetics by Chris Wroten, OD The breadth and scope of invasive and noninvasive therapies and procedures Doctors of Optometry can offer patients to correct orbital and periorbital medical conditions, enhance anatomic function, and improve cosmetic appearance has exponentially increased. This multimedia course provides a broad overview of several optometric aesthetic therapies, including oral and topical medications, over-the-counter remedies, injectable neuromodulators, radio frequency technology, intense pulsed light, and plasma ablation. COPE ID: 68864-SP (1 hour)
11am- 12:40pm The Binocular Vision Eye Exam by Marc Taub, OD This lecture will introduce theory of near point stress and the impact on vision and the visual examination. Diagnostic testing, including video presentations, will allow participants to get a better understanding of the optometric procedures. This lecture will discuss numerous case examples in an effort to highlight the use of the testing being presented. COPE ID: 70750-FV (2 hours)
12:50pm-1:50pm Technology in the Vision Therapy Room by Marc Taub, OD This course will highlight the role that computer-based treatment has in the vision therapy practice and will help participants in understanding how computers are uniquely adaptable to the vision therapy needs of the patient, their flexibility and patient acceptance. Using real patient videos, office-based and home-based programs will be demonstrated. COPE ID: 71000-FV (1 hour)
Tuesday, May 18, 2021 (2 HOURS)
7pm-9pm Acquired Brain Injury Diagnosis and Treatment Case from the Trenches by Marc Taub, OD Treating patients suffering from an ABI presents a unique challenge to those in the VT world and an even greater challenge to primary care ODs. This course is designed to present challenging ABI cases with multiple and different treatment options. Prior to the case presentations, the audience will learn the who, what, where, why, and how of ABI. COPE ID: 71631-NO (2 hours)