Paraoptometric Education

May 14, 2021



Join us for 5 hours of Paraoptometric education on Friday, May 14, 2021 from 12pm-5pm.  Education will be virtual by live and in-person.  To receive credit for AOA CPC or the American Board of Opticianry/NCLE, we must record attendance, attendees must answer questions during education, and we will mail certificates to those requesting certification.  Please note that you must indicate which credentialing certificates that you require during registration.

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Credit Hours:  AOA CPC - 5 hours | NCLE- 3 hours | ABO (American Board of Opticianry) 4 hours

Schedule of Events

12pm-12:50pm The Great Cover Up: Cosmetics and Contact Lenses (1 Hour)NCLE, CPC This course will discuss cosmetics as they relate to contact lens wearers.  Instruction will be offered for the male contact lens wearers as well as the obvious female contact lens wearers with regard to proper handling of contact lenses and hygiene.  The three tear layers will be discussed with regard to how improper cosmetic use can affect these layers and the success or lack of success of the contact lens wearer.

1pm-1:50pm Prism and Characteristics of Lenses (1 hour)ABO, CPC This course will explain how to identify the characteristics of a lens.  Included will be plus lenses, minus lenses, prism and focal length.

2pm-2:50pm What Makes Eyeglasses Fit Badly & What To Do About It (1 hour)ABO, CPC  Being able to fit and adjust eyewear may appear to be simple, and it well could be, but not every dispenser has been able to master this particular art.  This course will discuss the reasons that eyeglasses fit badly and some solutions for solving these challenges.  Included in the discussion will be the fitting triangle, facial anatomical differences, sensitivities, prescription challenges with frames and certain materials, as well as individual preferences.  Effectively being able to communicate with the patient will also be discussed.

3pm-4:50pm Problem Solving for Uncommon Prescriptions (2 hour)ABO, NCLE, CPC Some prescriptions don’t exactly fall into the average column.  This course will introduce the participant to prescriptions that are not common, as well as prescriptions that may appear common, but lifestyles that require uncommon solutions.  Discussions will include analyzing the prescriptions and the patient’s lifestyle and making a determination on the visual correction that will best suit their needs.  Included in this presentation will be ophthalmic optics.  The last portion of this class will include group breakouts.  Both spectacle and contact lens options will be included in this discussion.

Speaker: Diane F. Drake, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM, FNAO

Diane Drake has over 40 years experience in the optical business and is an approved speaker for ABO-NCLE up to advanced level and for paraoptometrics and JCAHPO. She has served as president for the National Academy of Opticianry, the Southeastern Opticians and the Opticians Association fo Georgia, receiving recognition and awards from all of these organizations. She is the author of several books.