2018 Spring Convention Paraoptometric Schedule of Events

April 27-28, 2018 | Little Rock Statehouse Convention Center

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Friday, April 27, 2018

6:00am-4:00pm  Registration SHCC Ballroom Foyer

9am-10am          Optical Case Studies by Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM Opticians and contact lens technicians must be able to identify, compare and contrast eyewear and contact lens challenges. This course will review and apply CC/HPI, SOAP to problem solve eyeglasses and contact lens case studies. Put on your critical thinking caps and join Phernell Walker, as we explore optical case studies. (Arkansas ABO, ABO, CPC, NCLE) SHCC Ballroom BC

10am-12pm        Practice Administrator and Optical Manager’s Workshop by Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM Today's owners, managers and practice administrators have unique challenges operating a modern optical dispensary. Discover the fundamental management concepts of leadership style, forms of motivation, managing by the numbers and business SWOT analysis. This is a must course for optical managers, owners and operators. (Arkansas ABO, ABO, CPC) SHCC Ballroom BC

12pm-1pm          Exhibit Hall Opening Act

12pm-1pm: You may choose to have lunch on your own or sign up for one of the following industry sponsored promotional events with lunch included.  Seating is limited.  You must choose one on registration to attend.


12:00pm-1:00pm TLC Laser Eye Center Industry Promotional Event and Lunch Join us for fun, prizes & a few words from your colleagues that “ROCK” refractive co-management in their Practices. *Must pre-register SHCC Ballroom AE


12:00pm-1:00pm  Essilor Labs of America Industry Promotional Symposium and Lunch  SHCC Izard Program: Essilor Labs of America discusses advancements in lens technologies and lab partnerships by Preston Nix and Mike Conway


1pm-2pm             Lens Cosmesis: Are Your Patients More Up to Date Than You? by Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM Patients live in a high-tech world and expect the same from their Eye Care Professional (ECP). Technology shapes the daily operations of your practice, communicate and even the way we think.  This course will explore the high-tech possibilities of delivering high tech premier patient experience to your patients. This course is a must for anyone that desires to remain as tech savvy as your patients.   (Arkansas ABO, ABO, CPC, NCLE) SHCC Ballroom BC

2pm-3pm             Prism: Everything You Need to Know by Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM Prism is not a four-letter word but can be frustrating for some. This fun and interactive course makes understanding and calculating prism easy. We will explore both prescribed and accidental prism. Students will learn about prentice rule made easy, decentration, prism distribution methods, verify prescribed prism, and prism thinning. (Arkansas ABO, ABO, CPC,NCLE) SHCC Ballroom BC

3pm-4pm                Anatomy of an Optometric Exam  by Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM Have you ever wanted to know how to perform a subjective refection? Do you want to understand the relationship between the refractive state of the eye and a prescription Rx for glasses? If you answered yes, this course is for you.  Join Phernell Walker, master optician as we explore the science and art the subjective refractive sequence step by step. (Arkansas ABO, ABO, CPC, NCLE) SHCC Ballroom BC

4pm-6pm                  Exhibit Hall Grand Opening SHCC Governor’s Hall IV *Wear your favorite concert tee & get ready to karaoke!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Choose from one of two classes in each time slot.  Choose your class based on your job duties.  Please note change of rooms from Friday. 

8am-8:50am Arkansas Medicaid Billing and Prior Authorization Review  by James Hertzog, O.D. A review of common billing questions for routine exams, medical exams, and prior authorizations for Arkansas Medicaid. SHCC Izard

8am-8:50am      Amniotic tissues - The Ins and Outs of Bio-D by Greg Shackelford, VisionSouth Medical An overview of when to use amniotic membranes, hands-on lab on how to insert and remove them, and how to code to insurance.    SHCC Fulton

9am-9:50am      The AOA and You: Resources for Optometric Staff Presented by Erin Everett, Manager at AOAExcel  The AOA and AOAExcel offer a variety of resources for optometric staff to help coordinate patient care. Attend this session to learn about benefits for AOA member optometry practices, including group purchasing for office and medical supplies, credit card processing, HIPAA compliance and more, and how to maximize your AOA associate membership.    SHCC Izard

9am-9:50am      Patient Experience Workshop by Chris Churchwell Johnson & Johnson Vision A discussion on how to ensure a patient has a great experience with their contact lenses and the value it brings to the practice.    SHCC Fulton

10-11am              Exhibit Hall Encore Governor’s Hall IV

11am-11:50am Scleral Contact Lenses: A Technician’s Guide by Katie Brown, O.D. This will be a hands-on course with a short lecture at the beginning with the remainder of the time dedicated to the handling and care of scleral lenses.  Technicians will be practicing insertion and removal of scleral lenses with a partner under helpful supervision.  Lens care, cleaning, and solution review will also be addressed during the instruction and wet lab portions of this course.  The goal of this course is to take the mystery out of scleral lenses, to gain experience inserting and removing lenses, and to experience the comfort of scleral lenses for yourself!  Materials provided by TruForm. SHCC Fulton

11am-11:50am The Hallmarks of Good Leadership...and Common Mistakes to Avoid presented by Lorrie P. Trogden, CAE   Motivate yourself and your peers with these effective leadership skills to increase engagement and effectiveness. You will also learn common leadership mistakes, and how to avoid them. SHCC Izard

12:00pm-1:30pm  Awards Luncheon SHCC ABCE