Para Education

Friday, September 29, 2017




Creating Your Best Self (2 hour) - When you are happy with yourself you are a better employee, parent, spouse, and member of your community.  But there are times when it’s difficult to feel like your best self, especially in times of challenge or when we feel afraid.  This course will explore ways to create your best self in spite of fear or challenges and ways you can follow your dreams and create a life in which you find peace and happiness. (CPC Approved)


Exhibit Hall/Break


Fourteen Service Behaviors ….There’s A Lot More To It (1 hour) - Quite often, the service experienced in your office is what keeps a patient coming back to your practice. This course is designed to help practice staffs offer better customer service, which will in turn create a more loyal customer. (CPC Approved)


Lunch on your own


Conflicts – Avoiding Them, Resolving Them (1 hour) - Most people don’t like conflict and will usually avoid it at all costs.  But when dealing with the public chances are pretty good there are going to be conflicts.  This course will explain techniques to avoid conflicts and explore ways to diffuse conflicts once they’ve occurred. (CPC Approved)


Exhibitors & Break


Personalities In the Workplace (2 hour) - Have you ever thought to yourself, “what is wrong with all these people?” or “it must be a full moon because everyone is just a little crazy!”  You are not alone.  The fact is we are all born with different personalities and characteristics, and having some insight about what makes people tick can help you in relating better to your co-workers and customers.  This course will explore different personalities and ways to better relate to every person you come in contact with during your workday. (CPC Approved)




Joy L. Gibb, ABOC began her optical career in 1986.  She managed an independent retail opticianry in Bountiful, Utah for over ten years before opening her own business, Eyes of Joy Mobile Optical Service and currently works for Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, Utah. In addition, she often consults practices about their dispensaries and improving customer service and sales.  Patients often seek her help with the difficult to fit prescription, progressive lenses, and children’s eyewear.

Joy is also a contributor to Vision Care Product News and has participated in the writing of several industry guides and publications.  She has also served as a member of the Better Vision Institute.