Fall Convention October 15-18, 2020

OD Education Schedule

Thursday, October 15, 2020

2pm-3:45pm Intense Pulsed Light IPL MGD, DED, and Other Fun Acronyms by Selina McGee, O.D. COPE Pending Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is technology that has been utilized for years in the dermatological space. The role IPL plays in eyecare opens a whole new realm of possibilities in how to treat patients that suffer with meibomian gland dysfunction, dry eye disease and opens new doors to treat and achieve aesthetic results. 2 hours 
4pm-4:50pm Radiofrequency Radiation in Eyecare by Selina McGee, O.D.  COPE ID: 65452-SP The role RF plays in eyecare opens a whole new realm of possibilities in how to treat patients who want to achieve improved eye health and aesthetics.This course will provide doctors with fundamental concepts of Radio Frequency physics, physiology, safety and treatment guidelines for the proper use of the radio frequency system and its indications in the optometric setting. 1 hour
5pm-5:50pm  Customer Service Connections - Your Critical Competitive Advantage by Selina McGee, O.D. COPE ID: 67275-PM  The rules today for customer service have changed. The options available to our patients today can be found almost anywhere. What sets businesses apart is the experience. Cultivating the patient experience from beginning to end is paramount to compete and win in today's marketplace. We will discuss how to create emotional connections to achieve loyal relationships that turn your patients into brand ambassadors. 1 hour
 3pm-5pm ArOA Board Meeting
6pm-7pm Alcon Industry Sponsored Dinner
7pm-9pm The Oculoplastic Optometric Physician by Selina McGee, O.D.  63959-GO  Patients today are searching and asking for procedures in the aesthetics market, currently a billion dollar industry. This course will serve to make ODs aware of what is available in the marketplace today, how to incorporate aesthetics into their own practice, no matter what their scope is, as well as giving doctors resources to talk to their patients confidently about functional and cosmetic noninvasive and surgical oculoplastic procedures. 2 hours
9pm-10:30pm President's Reception/Hospitality Suite


Friday, October 16, 2020

6:30am-4pm Registration
7am-8am Membership Breakfast
8am-9:50am The Changing Paradigm in Diabetes Mellitus Americas New Healthcare Epidemic by Jim Thimons, OD COPE:65343-SD Diabetes mellitus is a disease of growing concern for all healthcare practitioners in the U.S. This course provides essential evidence-based information for the eye care provider.  2 hours
10am - 11am Exhibit Hall - games & giveaways
11am-12pm Disruptive Technologies by Jim Thimons, OD  COPE: 63218-GO  This lecture will discuss the latest technologies available to patients and doctors that have the potential to change the landscape of optometry. 1 hour
12pm - 1:30pm Awards Luncheon
 1:30pm-3:30pm Glaucoma Update by Jim Thimons, OD COPE: 64559-GL This course will highlight the latest developments in glaucoma, including diagnostic technology, pharmaceutical development and therapeutic intervention. Special emphasis will be placed on the implementation of these advances into the primary care practice. 2 hours
3:30pm-4pm Break
4pm-5pm AR Jurisprudence
5pm-7pm Exhibit Hall - games & giveaways
7pm-9pm Top Golf


Saturday, October 17, 2020

6:30am-12pm registration
7am-8:45am Retinal and OCT Grand Rounds by Steven Ferrucci, OD COPE: 66932-PD This course reviews some of the basic principles of retinal OCTs as well as uses examples to help illustrate OCT findings associated with certain clinical entities. Clinical pearls for the various diseases are stressed, as well as new treatment options and recommended management. 2 hours
9am-11am Update on Age Related Macular Degeneration by Steven Ferrucci, OD COPE: 66929-PS This course will discuss the current treatment options for AMD, as well as discuss some of the treatments in the pipeline. Topics such as the latest VEGF agents, genetic testing and other agents will be reviewed. 2 hours
11am-1pm Lunch on your own
1pm-3pm Refer or Relax Retina by Steven Ferrucci, OD COPE: 66729-PS Description: This course discusses cases encountered in the primary care ODs office, and asks if this is something that we can monitor ourselves relax or refer to a retinal specialist for further treatment. Cases include lattice, retinal holes, choroidal nevi and more. Clinical pearls regarding follow up and appropriate referral criteria is presented. 2 hours


Sunday, October 18, 2020

6:30am-12pm Registration
9am-10am ArOA Board Meeting
10am – 11am Vision AR Board Meeting
8am-12pm OD Education - TBD