LIVE Event

When: January 9, 2021 (Registration Closed!)

Time: 8am-12pm

Where: Virtual - Zoom

Recorded Lectures

When: Available by January 19, 2021 - May 15, 2021

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Lectures by

John McGreal, OD


Understanding New CPT Codes For 2021

This class will review CMS revisions to CPT coding for 2021. It will discuss code definitions, documentation requirements, new methodologies for code selection and use case examples for clinical correlation. COPE 70354-PM

 Glaucoma Revised

 This class will discuss the latest research and development in glaucoma, diagnosis, medical management, and surgical innovations. Caring for these patients requires a new approach this class will provide the tools to do so. COPE 66709-GL

Changes are coming for CPT coding in 2021!  Join us for four hours of COPE approved education focused on the priorities of the year in  coding, billing and compliance,  Dr. John McGreal presents information in a logical format that makes it easier for you & your staff to understand and implement.

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Get Credit

Live or Recorded

Virtual “Live” Event

When: Saturday, January 9, 2021

Time: 8am-12pm

Where: Virtual

Who: ODs and Paras

*Must register by January 7 to receive link to join



Purchase the recorded version if you are unable to attend “in person”.  You must pass a test for each class in order to receive credit.  You have access for 90 days. ODs receive COPE approved credit by taking online test, CPO/CPOT credit available.

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 Coding Update FAQ’s

  When is Coding Update? The live event is January 9, 2021 from 8am-12pm OR you can purchase the Recorded/Online access to watch between the time available and May 15, 2021.

Will the CE be virtual?  Yes

 What is the difference between Live/Virtual and Recorded/Online? The live event is when you watch during the exact time and date specified and have an opportunity to ask questions.  This is January 9, 2021 from 8am-12pm. 

The Recorded/online event will give you access to the links to watch the lectures and you will have to take a test for each lecture to receive credit.  You can watch it anytime between receiving the link until May 15, 2021.

 Will the CE be available after January 9? Only if you purchase the recorded lectures.

 Will there be para CE? Yes, paras may attend this event.

 How many hours are provided? 4 hours of COPE approved CE.  *Tests must be taken and passed with 80% passage rate to receive credit for the recorded lectures.

  What is the schedule? 8am-12pm on January 9, 2021 for the live event.

 When does registration end? The registration for the live event ends January 7, 2021. The recorded lectures may be purchased until April 1, 2021.

 How much does it cost?

Live event: ODs $150/member; $375/non-members

Paraoptometric staff $75/work for members; $150/work for non-members

Recorded lectures: $225/members $450/non-members

*member price is good for any member of the American Optometric Association or Arkansas Optometric Association

 How do I register? Click here to register.

 How will you know I attended?

Live event: 

  • You will need to scan the QR code using the ARBO/COPE app at the end of each course.
  • If you don’t have an app, there will be a unique code to text with your name on the same slide. 
  • You must enter your correct name when joining the zoom webinar so that we can verify attendance using a two-factor verification.
  • There may be questions asked during the live event that you must answer to verify attendance.
Recorded Sessions: Attendance will be verified by completing tests after the lectures. 

 How do I log in to the CE? Everyone registered for the live version of Coding Update will receive log-in information via e-mail two days before the meeting begins. 

Everyone registered for the recorded event will receive links to the lectures and tests as soon as it is available.

Will there be a quiz or test? Not for the live event.  There will be a test to receive credit for the recorded event. 

Is this an ARBO/COPE event? YES! This event is COPE approved as a live event for those who register for the live lectures.  The recorded event is COPE approved for an online COPE event.

Will my CE hours show up on the OE Tracker? Yes! Your hours will show up in the OE Tracker.  We will also send you a CE certificate.

 What if I still have questions? Contact the ArOA office at [email protected], or 501-661-7675.