Fall Convention Schedule

November 1-2, 2019

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Friday, November 1, 2019 (8 hours CE)




(2 hours)

Building Business Acumen: The Five Essential Building Blocks by Mick Kling, OD - 2 Hours

Optometrists receive very little business training during the traditional 4-year optometric curriculum. Yet, most ODs find themselves, at some point, responsible for at least some  aspect of the business operations of the organization. This course focuses ODs’ attention on their role as CFO of their practices. Here we will explore 5 basic fundamentals for establishing a sound financial foundation for an optometry practice: Budgeting; Financial Statements; Managing Cash Flow; Tracking Progress; and Planning. We’ll further explore our own perspectives on money and how they affect our practices.


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(1 hour)

Arkansas Jurisprudence – State Board of Optometry


Membership Meeting & Lunch

1:00pm-2:50 pm

(2 hours)

The Profitable Doctor: Eradicating Practice Poverty by Mick Kling, OD - 2 Hours

The number one financial challenge facing most optometric practice owners today is poor cash flow. Doctor owners often fall prey to focusing too much on top line revenue growth, while ignoring the increasing expenses and debt that often accompanies that growth. Without a plan, practice owners often find themselves living insurance check to insurance check, wondering how they’re going to make payroll, financially overwhelmed and stressed out. This course presents a revolutionary new cash flow management system designed to immediately improve practice profitability, eradicate unnecessary business expenses and assist practice owners with managing their business debt.


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(2 hour)

 Private Equity and Eye Care: Should I Stay or Should I Go? By Mick Kling, OD- 2 Hours

The eye care industry has recently seen a significant interest from private equity (PE) firms to capitalize on the future projected growth opportunities of the eye care market. Historically, larger, well established regional optometry and ophthalmology practices have been the target of these investors due to their existing operating infrastructure and significant market share. More recently, however, smaller independent practices have become of interest for aggregation from multiple private equity investors offering various models of acquisition, depending on the long-range objectives of the investors. We will discuss the current state of the private equity market and its potential impact on practice owners who may be considering a partnership or exit strategy with PE. We’ll identify the current players in the market and discuss the various models offered to ECPs and other eye care related businesses considering this strategy. We’ll also discuss the risks and opportunities of an acquisition, the various valuation methods utilized, and ways of improving your cash flow to enhance the value of your business.


(1 hr)

Pediatric Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease and Neurodevelopmental Syndromes  by Angela Howell, OD—1 hour  Children may present with medical conditions and disorders with known ocular manifestations. A review of common medical, genetic, metabolic and traumatic issues which may present in a clinical setting. Chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are observed more and more in the pediatric population. Genetic disorders are prevalent in the special needs population and present with special visual challenges. Neurodevelopmental disorders will be reviewed for diagnosis and management.




Saturday, November 2, 2019 (4 hours CE)


(1 hour)

Co-Managing Complex Cornea by Cecelia Koetting, OD – 1 hr - COPE Course ID: 63245-PO Many of our patients have had or may need complex corneal surgeries. In this course we will discuss some of these corneal surgeries and how to manage the patients after surgery.


(1 hour)

Top 5 Things Not to Miss in Neuro by  Cecelia Koetting, OD – 1 hr - COPE Course ID: 63244-NO In this lecture we will discuss the most common and concerning neurological issues that present in our offices. Timely diagnosis in these patients is important and understanding what testing should be ordered and when treatment is indicated will be reviewed.


(1 hour)

The Eyes Are Going Viral by  Cecelia Koetting, OD – 1 hr - COPE Course ID: 63027-SD
When is a red eye not just a red eye When it is caused by a lurking virus. Ocular manifestations of viruses can cause a multitude of different problems depending on which portion of the eye is affected. We will discuss the most common viruses and STDs and how they affect the eye.


(1 hour)

What to Expect When Your Patients Expecting by  Cecelia Koetting, OD – 1 hour -COPE Course ID: 61867-PH
With the recent changes in drug safety classification regarding pregnancy and the ever increasing list of medications ocular and systemic, its important to re-introduce these topics. Along with considerations of prescribing glasses and dilating while patients are pregnant or breast feeding we also need to mindful of all other treatments that might affect both mother and child.