2018 Fall Convention - October 26, 2018

Embassy Suites, Rogers, Arkansas

Paraoptometric Staff Schedule of Events (6 hours)

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Sharon Carter, Speaker

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Friday, October 26, 2018 (6 hours)




MARKETING BENEFITS NOT PRODUCTS by Sharon Carter Description: Are your optical sales where you would like them to be? If not, it could be the way you are presenting or “selling” in your optical. This course will teach you how to educate your patients on the benefits of each product you have to offer and how to present that in a way that is not perceived as high pressure selling. When a patient is educated on the benefits they are buying rather than being sold to they understand the value of what they are paying for. This eliminates remorse after the sale and promotes a good referral for your optical. Everyone loves to buy but hates high pressure sales. CPC-2/ABO-2 Hrs


Exhibit Hall/Break


FRONT OFFICE PROCEDURES/MEMORABLE FIRST AND LAST IMPRESSIONS by Sharon Carter  Description:How important is the first impression and the last impression patients get when visiting your office?  Learn how to make a positive impression beginning with scheduling the appointment, through the duration of your patients’ visit until the patient walks out of the door.  Topics covered will include telephone procedures, greeting patients, appointment scheduling, checking out and collecting charges, pre-appointing along with any other interactions with the patient that might occur in the front office. CPC-1 Hr


Lunch on your own


YOUR MOUTH IS MOVING BUT DOES YOUR BODY AGREE? By Sharon Carter  Description: What does it mean when someone talking to you cannot maintain eye contact?  There are several forms of hand-shake each having a different meaning, hidden from the unknowing.  What are the most common gestures of liars?  Recognize/read hidden communications and more importantly learn what signals you are subconsciously sending.  Appearance, gestures, voice, steadiness of gaze, and behavior around subordinates may enlighten you about a person’s integrity and work habits vs. what they are saying.  ABO/NCLE-1 Hr


Exhibitors & Break


PATIENT SATISFACTION VS. PATIENT LOYALTY by Sharon Carter  Description: “Customer satisfaction guaranteed”, we’ve all heard it.  Is that your goal?  If so you aim too low.  Have you ever purchased something and been satisfied?  But, would you return?  Maybe next time someone else offers you a lower price.  To which one would you return?  Patient satisfaction is great but what will make them return to your practice?  Remember this, “The sweetness of the low price is long forgotten after the bitterness of poor service.”  This course will teach you how to take satisfied patients and make them loyal patients. ABO-1


BUILDING AN UNBEATABLE TEAM by Sharon Carter  Description:Why build a team?  I do my job; you do your job.  What if we worked together to achieve a common goal?  T.E.A.M.-Together Everyone Achieves More.  This course will teach that building a team starts with the individual as a building block.  You will learn that to be a team player requires effort, right attitude, communication, goal setting, and example setting.  Wow!  What could you do if everyone practiced these attributes? ABO & CPC-1 Hr.

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